Dr.Susan Carter with Teddy our Labrador & Missy our French Bulldog, who we sadly lost in 2014
Vala looking after our growing flock of chickens

Dogs are my main guests, but I will take most small furries or feathered friends up to chicken size. Pets with medical needs are very welcome. My Veterinary experience means that pets on complicated medication, elderly & infirm pets, diabetic dogs, animals with specialist dietary requirements, animals recovering from surgery, or with dressings, are ALL welcome here
Holiday Maker - Day Stay:
This is for holidaymakers who have come on holiday with their dog and can't leave it at their holiday let or in the car when going on a day trip. Please RING me to discuss a day's pet sit.

tel: 01297-533-001 & 07707-215-620
email: susan@vetpetsit.co.uk

Dogs: £16.00/day: 9am-6pm (Day stay price)
Dogs: £18.00: single overnight stay (24 hr)
Dogs: £15.00/day-24hr stay(2+days)
Minimum Weekend Fee: £30.00
Small Feathered/Furries: £9.00/24 hr stay (2+days)

Vala Our "Froston"....a French Bulldog Cross Boston Terrier!
There's Always A Comfortable Bed To Curl Up On...Even If It's Clearly Not Yours!!!

PLEASE NOTE: I only welcome fully vaccinated, well behaved & socialized pets into my home.
Always ring first, I will not be able to "just take your pet into my home" without prior arrangement.

tel: 01297-533-001 or: mob: 07707-215-620 email: susan@vetpetsit.co.uk
for ALL bookings please call or email me

Terms & Conditions

Provision of Pet Sitting is dependent upon your acceptance of my terms & conditions & completing my consent form. I will only CONTINUE with medicine prescribed by YOUR VETERINARY SURGEON, I will not prescribe further medicine or treatment. If you pet requires further veterinary treatment this will need to be with your OWN VETERINARY SURGEON.

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Dr. Susan Carter BVSc, MRCVS

Professional and personal care of your pets in my home near Lyme Regis.

tel: 01297-533-001 or: mob: 07707-215-620 email: susan@vetpetsit.co.uk
for ALL bookings please call or email me